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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Unit standard 8489: set 3

Learning outcome:
A game to start you off (just pretend the pounds sign is $)

Solve (addition and subtraction) problems involving whole number arithmetic

Unit standard 8489: set 2

Learning outcome:
- multiply and divide whole numbers

Unit standard 8489: set 1

Sove problems which require calculation with whole numbers.
Learning outcome 1:
- add and subtract whole numbers


This blog site provides an opportunity to practise the activities for assessment for numeracy credits. Print out and work through the worksheets on the linked site for each unit standard. Keep each sheet as evidence that you have completed the work. You may also mark your own work off against the answers.
See or email Ms Milnes (smilnes@sehc.school.nz) when you are ready to be assessed.

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